Latest Club News

Thursday October 22nd 2020
As we go into another lock down we urge all to stay safe and follow the rules, it's nice to say that all maintenance work has been carried out on our green for this year, this will assure that as soon as we can bowling will resume at Splott Park.
Letters have been drafted and as soon as they are printed will be sent out to all members by the end of this month

Saturday July 13th 2020
Folowing the First Ministers announcement on July 10th 2020 Bowls Wales is pleased to announce that from Monday 13th July gatherings of 30 people in organised activities may take place.
This now means outdoor group coaching sessions can now restart safely whilst following the Welsh Goverments and Indutry guidlines.

Tuesday July 7th 2020

We are looking into playing some sort of singles competition at Splott Park if possible.
It would take place on a Saturday in August, any members interseted in playing please ckeck here for updates.

Saturday July 4th 2020

After speaking to officers of the club it seems the feeling is that bowling may not be possible this season at Splott Park, due to the restrictions set out by the Welsh Goverment. It would not take a lot of work to get the green ready for play, but with the social distancing rules and not being able to use the Pavilion, rules on toilet's, age restrictions and those that who are vunrable it would be very difficult to implament these laws while staying safe. It would be very useful if members could email there thoughts on the subject of restarting bowls at Splott Park, we would love to hear your views, it is your club, please email your views to us, this is important your thoughts and views  are vital.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and current restrictions, Splott Phoenix Bowls Club's activities are SUSPENDED until further notice.

Green maintenace is still on going so that the club will be able to start bowling when given the go ahead.
Volunteers always required to help at the green, Tuesday's and Thursday's from 11.30am.